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Rethinking how the footwear industry approaches sizing

Shoesize.Me provides retailers, brands and suppliers with a new perspective on footwear and sizing. Backed by the world’s largest and ever growing footwear database, our solutions empower our customers to extract the true value from their data; giving them an extra edge in the dynamic business environment of the footwear market.


ShoeSize.Me makes buying the wrong size a thing of the past.
This is made possible with our powerful ShowSize.Me brain, the most comprehensive database of sizes, measurements and real customer data ever made.

ShoeSize.Me Advisor
Helping online shoppers to find the right shoes in the right sizes.
ShoeSize.Me Insights
Delivering unique marketing insights on how customers purchase footwear.
ShoeSize.Me Intelligence
Empowering more informed purchase-planning decisions.


Footwear sizing chaos is not just a problem for your customers, but a problem for your business. Left-over-stock, returns, lost sale or mark-downs don’t just hurt your bottom line, they hurt your reputation as a business.
The wrong size is costing your business money.
We’re here to stop that.

Higher conversion rates
Higher net revenue per customer
Increase customer loyalty
Reduce left-overs & markdown due to size
Proactive stock management
Reduce pressure on customer support
Real e-Commerce personalization
Reduce lost sales due to size

Success Stories

Case Study 1

11.000 provided over 11.000 size recommendations during the 3-month testing period.
There was a 19.6% decrease in the return rate when ShoeSize.Me was used.
The usage of ShoeSize.Me quadrupled the conversion likelihood

At Voegele Shoes the customer is taking center stage. Therefore we are proud to have integrated ShoeSize.Me in our online shop since February 2015. The Size Advisor helps our customers to find their perfect shoe size with only a few clicks. It has helped prevent multiple size orders, and the subsequent hassle involved of having to return the wrong pair. The boost in customer satisfaction shows also in fewer returns and an increased conversion rate. The project with ShoeSize.Me has been a great success..

Sabine Schwärzler

Head of eCommerce, Karl Vögele AG

Case Study 2

12.500 provided over 12.500 size recommendations during the 3-month testing period.
There was a 18% decrease in the return rate when ShoeSize.Me was used.
The usage of ShoeSize.Me has reduced the likelihood of double size orders by 68%.

As finding the perfect shoe size is particularly important in the running sector, we were first skeptical whether the Size Advisor would work, but now we are thrilled about the accuracy of the Size Advisor and our customers love it. We have seen a marked improvement in conversion and incremental revenue by using this great solution.

Sven Renz

Managing director ErtlRenz and former triathlete, ERTL/RENZ GMBH

We realized that lots of potential customers refrain from buying shoes because they don’t know which size to choose. The Size Advisor gives our customers the necessary confidence in sizing to go through with the purchase. This results in an increase in our conversion rate.

Eric Braunschweiler

CEO and his team, GNL AG


The best way to understand footwear sizing is knowing what shoes people wear. Therefore we have built a stack of services that do exactly that: We capture real market feedback, structure this data and loop this valuable information straight to our customers through a single API.

20M+ transactions analysed
2000 brands
500.000+ footwear SKUs
Standardized footwear categorization
Footwear focused data attributes

Swiss Engineered

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