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shoe shopping made easy

ShoeSize.Me recommends the right shoe size to people all over the world

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Smart. Precise. Powerful.

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Which is the correct shoe size?

ShoeSize.Me provides customers with a precise shoe size recommendation for every shoe model within a blink of an eye.

Why? Shoe sizing differs from country to country, from brand to brand, and even from model to model. Not being able to try on shoes you buy online not only leads to costly returns, but in many cases even discourages people from buying shoes online. We make online shopping easier and safer.

Sabrina Schwärzler

Sabine Schwärzler
Head of eCommerce
Karl Vögele AG

“At Voegele Shoes the customer is taking center stage. Therefore we are proud to have integrated ShoeSize.Me in our online shop since February 2015. The tool helps our customers to find their fitting shoe size with only a few clicks. Ordering 2 different sizes and the subsequent hassle having to return the wrong pair are no longer necessary. The boost in customer satisfaction shows also in fewer returns and an increased conversion rate. The project with ShoeSize.Me was a great success.”

How does it work?

Based on a shoe the customer currently owns and that fits perfectly, ShoeSize.Me will find the ideal fit for every single shoe model. The results are created through a data driven algorithm that is based on previous experiences of other customers.

Our precise shoe size recommendation is a replacement for having to physically try on a pair of shoes and therfore it revolutionizes the shoe e-commerce.

Sven Renz

Sven Renz
Managing director ErtlRenz and former triathlete

“As the right shoe size is particularly important in the running sector, we were first skeptical whether the tool might have worked but now we are thrilled about the accuracy of the plug-in and our customers love it.”


ShoeSize.Me is integrated into webshops on the product page right next to the size selection information and starts with a simple mouse click. is in the press

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